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About the project

Bionic Budgie is a groundbreaking initiative led by a dedicated team of university students passionate about helping birds regain their freedom of flight. Our mission is to design and develop custom prosthetic wings for birds that have lost their ability to fly due to illness or injury.

At Bionic Budgie, we believe that every bird deserves a chance to fly even if not soaring through the skies. We are inspired by the resilience of nature and driven by our commitment to innovative creativity and our love of birds.

Our team consists of university students who have volunteered their time and efforts to helping us achieve this goal.

Beyond restoring flight, Bionic Budgie aims to raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare. Backed by the amazing app for animal guardians Tails, Beaks and Feets, our goal is to help all animals live their best lives.

Join us on our journey to empower birds and promote a world where every creature can thrive. Together, we can make a difference, one wing at a time.

Fly high with Bionic Budgie!


Step 1

build the team

Find the right students to join the project

step 2


Study bird flight and machine flight

step 3


Note ideas for development

Step 4


Groups of students take an idea and develop it into a prototype

step 5


Each prototype is rigorously tested to ensure comfort and viability

step 6


Once the prototypes have been tested and refined, we will launch the design publicly

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